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A projection on the ceiling of a room at Tibbetts Creek Manor

Monte Whitbeck  and Annette Barniville celebrated their wedding by throwing  a Black and White Masquerade Wedding  party on Halloween at the Tibbetts Creek Manor.  I just finished the final edit and I wish to present a selection of highlights here before we get into the total swing of  celebrating Christmas. It was a rocking good celebration of Monte and Annettes wedding which actually took place not long before in Fiji and they just wanted to celebrate it with all of their close family and friends and Halloween was a great time for a party. DJ Leslie of Seattle Parties was on hand to spin the music and everyone had a ball. Something about a masquerade ball that makes people feel free to express themselves on teh dance floor. This was one great party to photograph as the dance floor was full of pictures to be made. As wedding photography goes it was a very different and special celebration to photograph compared to shooting regular wedding photography.

Annette after sh first put on her mask.

In one room slides of the actual wedding were projected onto a wall for guests to see.

Annette and Monte in the studio we set up for all the guests to be photographed.

Wedding portrait of the bride and groom with their family in the studio.

The bride and her ladies in waiting.

Aside from a smally white cake on the top, the rest of the wedding cake consisted of cupcakes with fresh strawberries on top. The whole cake can be seen below.

Making toasts  and cutting the cake.

Annette and Monte were on the dance floor for a good part of the evening.

Getting ready to say goodnight.

Below is a more extensive  gallery of more highlights from the evening. Wedding photography by Daniel Sheehan


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