Seattle Wedding Photographer

Connie Wong and Alex Wang were married on Sunday Dec 27th a little more than a week ago. The wedding and reception took place at a venerable old San Francisco institution called the Town Hall Restaurant. Towards the end of the evening we cleared out some tables and chairs and got everyone in attendance together for a large group wedding picture right there in the center of the restaurant. I shot a number of frames but these two seem to be the best as far as exposure and best number of people looking good.

This one above one is cropped a little too tight on the here, but the original has all the details. Which one looks best to you?

You are welcome to leave comments below. Some time over the coming weeks when the editing and processing is done,  I will post a gallery of the highlights of this fun San Francisco wedding here on the blog. This picture reminds me how fantastic the food at the Town Hall Restaurant tasted. Check it out next time you are in San Francisco. It is at 342 Howard Street,  S.F. CA 415.908.3611.  

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