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Ryan and Christine were delighted to see the Valentine theme decorated wedding bed at their suite at the W Hotel as Ryan carried Christine over the threshold in the age old tradition. The giant heart made of chocolates surrounded by red rose petals took them by complete surprise as they entered their wedding chamber. It was after all the eve of Valentines Day so it might have been suspected that one of their friends or sisters might have sprung the surprise on them. I am sorry I did not stay long after this picture was made so you will have to check with Ryan and Christine to see how many chocolates were left for the morning.

I just wanted to post a couple of quick pictures today. I still have to go over the whole mass of images, process and edit them down to a presentable collection to tell the story of their wedding day. Christine and Ryan both had had a long day of wedding preparations. They were married at a ceremony at the First Free Methodist Church on Queen Anne. The reception was at the fabulous Sodo Park and there was a lot of dancing after some great food by Herban Feast.

Then when it came time to leave it was pouring rain. The streets of Seattle look great at night in the dark and wet reflections of streetlights, traffic lights and building signs bouncing of the puddles. It reminds me why they sometimes hose down the pavement before shooting a movie at night. It makes the city look alive.

Ryan shook hands with their driver as Christine heads for the lobby out of the rain, after they exited the Bentley which brought them from Sodo Park to the W Hotel. When they entered the lobby and headed for the registration desk, the people in the lounge gave them a hand of applause as they went by. Everyone had a big smile on their face as we strode past including the security man by the elevators.

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Photography by wedding photographer Daniel Sheehan, a Seattle photographer who specializes in people and portraits and travels to photograph weddings in an artistic and unobtrusive photojournalist style. Named best Seattle wedding photographers by the Wedding Photojournalists Association.

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