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Tegan and Chad are a very lucky couple. They picked October 1,  to get married and selected one of their favorite places near their home to do it, the Washington Park Arboretum Meadow. They were brave because they had no plans for a tent in case of rain in Seattle in October. The day started out grey and threatening rain. Way off to the west there was a huge, dark, ominous cloud hanging over the Olympics. Tegan got ready at Blue Ribbon Cooking, where the reception was going to be, and as we headed out for the park, there was a light sprinkling of drops. But the rain held off and in fact the sun peeked out after the ceremony as we made some pictures. That was lucky.

I still need time to go through all the pictures Monica Frisell and I made, but here are a few of my favorites that jumped out.

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  1. UW Botanic Gardens Says:

    Enjoyed seeing your Washington Park Arboretum images. We posted a link on our facebook page (the Arboretum is part of UW Botanic Gardens) so that more may learn of your work!

  2. Wedding Photography | Blue Ribbon Cooking Wedding of Tegan and Chad Says:

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