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Last weekend Sarah and Steve were married at the Alexis Hotel, a very intimate and romantic hotel in downtown Seattle. How romantic?  Well, readers of Seattle Bride magazine rated the Alexis Hotel as Seattle’s “Best Place To Spend Your Wedding Night” in 2011. Not only did Sarah and Steve spend the night they had their wedding ceremony and reception there as well along with about 65 friends and family. Here are a few highlights I selected to preview the ones to come.

I really love this hotel with its exposed brick walls. Every room or suite seems unique. No cookie cutter layouts here. It feels more like you are in someone’s apartment than a hotel, with wonderful art from Pacific Northwest artists on all the walls.

The wedding cake topper was the one used by Steve’s parents at their wedding 50 years ago. Special thanks to Angie Casper, at the Alexis HotelPat StimacSeattle Wedding Officiant and Amber Zbitnoff, my associate wedding photographer.

3 Responses to “Alexis Hotel Wedding of Sarah and Steve”

  1. Pat Stimac Says:

    Steve and Sarah are a wonderful couple. They completely immersed themselves in planning a ceremony and a celebration that reflected their love and commitment. Looking at your photographs brings to mind good memories of the evening!

  2. RedSphere | San Francisco Wedding Photographer Says:

    Wow, incredible! Love the shot of the dress, so gorgeous!

  3. Hettie Naumoff Says:

    Stunning photo! You guys seem to love each other alot.

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