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Intrepid is the word that comes to mind when I think of Tegan Wallace and Chad Lindhorst.  Bold, dauntless, greathearted, gutsy, and undauntable are synonyms of intrepid and that is what you would have to be to schedule your outdoor wedding on October 1st in Seattle.  They selected one of their favorite places near their home to do it, the Washington Park Arboretum Meadow. I call them intrepid because they had no backup plans for a tent in case of rain. Tegan got ready at Blue Ribbon Cooking, where the reception was going to be, and as we headed out for the park, there was a light sprinkling of drops.

In fact skies were grey and threatening at the beginning of the day. Off to the west was a huge, dark cloud hanging over the Olympics. But the rain held off and in fact the sun peeked out after the ceremony as we made some pictures. The rest of the day was beautiful and we made a lot of pctures at different locations of the Arboretum including the one above on the foot bridge over the roadway. I love those old lamp posts. Tegan and Chad are one very lucky couple, but they are also a lot of fun to hang out with. I almost for got to mention how funny there vows wre. They are a really sweet and fun couple.     

Monica Frisell and I had a great time photographing that day and we got a good number of wonderful moments preserved in these pictures. Here is a set of our favorites.

Here is a link to Tegan and Chad‘s previous post of their Blue Ribbon Cooking & Washington Park Arboretum Wedding.


Below is a mini-slide show with a larger selection of wedding pictures from Tegan and Chad‘s wedding. Click on “toggle images” at top right to hide the thumbnails; to start just click on the right arrow on the image.

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