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The inner courtyard of the Villa Siena, a Tuscan styled private venue in Phoenix, Arizona was the location for the large group wedding panorama of Julie Matanich and Mark Ullmann. The were married two weeks ago on a lovely sunny day  with a high temperature of 78F. Just after the conclusion of the ceremony, the chairs were moved into position at the opposite end of the courtyard from where the ceremony took place and after signing the wedding license to make it official Julie and Mark joined their guests and family for their wedding panorama. the original 3 foot long print holds some incredible detail which does not come across in a blog post. Julie and Mark your print will be shipped out on Monday. Congratulations again on your wedding and thanks for asking me to be your photographer.

6 Responses to “Villa Siena, Phoenix Wedding Photography Panorama of Julie and Mark”

  1. Patricia Ullmann Says:

    Great job Daniel!!

  2. Kasey Sirody Says:

    I love this. What a fabulous memory and photo.

  3. Juli Yarosh Says:

    Beautiful photo. Surrounded by so much love!

  4. Medford Oregon Wedding Photographer Says:

    That is a beautiful family panorama! I wish I could see the original three foot print.

  5. Joe Says:

    Love it! What a great keepsake of everyone important to them… perfect.

  6. jana Says:

    just testing to see what happens

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