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Salish Lodge & Spa, next to Snoqualmie Falls, is one of the most romantic destination wedding locations in the Puget Sound area. It was the venue Daryl and Eylin chose to have their wedding. The couple had their ceremony off in a clearing of the woods nearby and their reception at the Salish Lodge and terrace overlooking the Falls. The weather was great for an outdoor wedding and they were a fun couple to photograph.
Thanks to my associate photographer Paul Brown and to Rachael Mates, Event Planning Manager at Salish Lodge. Here are a selection of my favorite highlights from the wedding.

Below is a mini-slide show with a larger selection of wedding pictures. Click on “toggle images” at top right to hide the thumbnails; to start just click on the right arrow on the image.


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  1. Robert London Says:

    Finally some nice work, glad to see someone do good work, especially like the short focus stuff in the beginning

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