Seattle Wedding Photographer

Tineke Meeuws and Christian Guerrero have been together for some years and decided to get married. They wanted an iconic spot high above the city with a great view. They decided on one of my favorite spots in the city to get high –  the Space Needle.
The Seattle Space Needle has to be the iconic building that says Seattle. 100 feet up in the air with a 360 degree view of Seattle, their wedding ceremony was held on the Skyline Level of the Space Needle. Here are a few preview images to give you an idea of how it went. We had one of those beautiful clear days of August last Friday and the views were good for miles and miles. See Mount Rainier in the distance behind them in the last shot from the outside observation level of the Space Needle. Here is what the Needle looks like from Queen Anne when it is not painted in the orange paint celebrating the 50th anniversary. More to come as soon as they are all editing and processed.

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