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Tim Hermann and his bride Katt Pham watch the sunset from the dock in front of the Orcas Hotel, next to the ferry terminal on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands of Washington State.

Katt and Tim had a storybook destination wedding on August 25th at the Orcas Hotel on Orcas Island.   With about 50 family and friends in attendance, Tim and Katt had an intimate wedding and enjoyed a wonderful day of warm sunshine.  The Orcas Hotel is 110 years old and with the garden surrounding it has an abundance of Island charm. Sitting on the porch of the hotel and looking out over the water one will see the ferries arriving and departing.  The waters around Orcas Island are rich with orcas also know as killer whales and during the reception a pod of them swam by in the waters in front of the Hotel much to everyones delight. I managed to get a coule of photos of the orcas with their escort of whale watching boats following them around. Orcas are not the the only wild life abundant on Orcas island. Cotton tailed rabbits kept crashing the wedding throughout the day.  It was a fun wedding to photograph and the Tim and Katt were wonderful to be around and photograph. Special thanks for assistance to associate photographer Monica Frisell.

Here is a link to the web gallery with all of their wedding pictures.  Here are my favorite highlights from the wedding and below them is a slideshow of a complete set of  wedding pictures. 

Below is a mini-slide show with the complete set of wedding photography highlights from Katt and Tim’s Orcas Island Wedding  Click on toggle thumbnails to hide them; to start just click on the right arrow on the image.

Here is a link Orcas Island Wedding  to the photos that I previewed  on this blog right after the wedding. Here is a link to the web gallery with all of their wedding pictures. 

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