Seattle Wedding Photographer

The Sorrento Hotel has wonderful Italianate architecture making it a romantic location for a wedding. Malim Park and Charles Stoner chose Seattle’s first and longest-operating boutique hotel as the venue for their wedding ceremonies last weekend.  They had a western-style wedding ceremony in the Top of the Town ballroom and afterwards a Korean wedding ceremony  or Paebeck ceremony in the Penthouse.

Malim and Charles wore custom Korean Hanbock or traditional Korean dress to their Paebeck ceremony. In short, the Korean Paebaek Ceremony symbolizes the joining of  families, not just the bride and groom. The couple has tea and then show their respect for their new families. The parents and other older relatives impart advice and wisdom on what it takes to make a marriage a success. They throw dates & chestnuts onto a part of the brides robe in an effort to predict the number & sex of their future offspring. Chestnuts are believed to predict the number of boys and dates predict the number of girls. The ceremony then ended with the groom giving the bride a piggy-back ride, symbolizing his strength and how he will be responsible for taking care of the bride. I am posting just one picture from each ceremony here now but there will be more when the editing is complete.

The wedding was last Saturday and Malim and Charles are now in Maui for their honeymoon. I promised them I would put up a few of my favorites for them to preview and to hold them until the rest are processed.  Here they are.

Malim and Charles in the Sorrento Hotel Seattle front courtyard

Thanks to my assistant photographer Monica Frisell who made the day a breeze.

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