Seattle Wedding Photographer

Caleb Goad and Morgan Neudorfer were married at Morgan’s family beach house near Greenbank on Whidbey Island on a beautiful warm clear day in mid-September. The weather was  warm and  sunny and beautiful like we had so often this past glorious summer. Perfect light for shooting an outdoor wedding by the water. Puffy clouds floating by to diffuse the light and vanquish the glare. So nice to remember those days at this time of year as winter rain and cold begin to set in.

Morgan and Caleb are a wonderful young couple with a beautiful baby daughter named McKenna. Morgan loves Mckenna so much she had her name tattooed on her right arm. At the start of the wedding ceremony, Morgan carried McKenna in her arms as she walked up the aisle with her Dad. As she came up the aisle,  Caleb was brought to wipe a tear from his eye.  I was touched at how much love was present there between them.

The view of the Olympics all day was a grand sight especially as the sun went and set behind them. Thanks to my wife Jana for her assistance as second photographer at this wedding on Whidbey Island. What follows are my favorite highlights from the wedding and below them is a slideshow of a complete set of  wedding pictures.

Below is a mini-slide show with the complete set of wedding photography highlights from Morgan and Caleb’s Whidbey Island Wedding.  Click on toggle thumbnails to hide them; to start just click on the right arrow on the image.

Here is a link Whidbey Island Wedding Wedding Photos   to the wedding pictures  previewed  on this blog right after the wedding in the beginning of September.


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