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Ellie Humphries and Brian Wisniewski  were looking forward to a fall wedding on Whidbey Island . The day would be glorious if the fine weather we had all summer into October held true. The mid-October wedding day started out promising and they decided to go for the garden wedding site at Fireseed Catering.  The chairs were set up in the garden and everything looked good until the time came for the ceremony to begin. Then some clouds come over and in the middle of the ceremony the rain came. Ellie and Brian are both great swimmers so a little rain is not something they were afraid of. The ceremony continued briefly with the help of an umbrella but soon they bowed to the inevitable and headed indoors. After a brief moment to dry off a little they began the ceremony again. They and their guests took it with great spirits and a lot laughs at how it came to pass.

The wedding went on again as the rain hit the roof of the hall with a fury. It ended shortly after the ceremony ended. It shall remain a memorable wedding in my book.

Thanks to Dave of Fireseed Catering for everything but especially the wonderful food, Tobey Nelson of Vases Wild for the beautiful flowers, Marc Matsui, the cool DJ from  Integral DJs  who kept spinning great tunes and  my second photographer Monica Frisell.

Here is a link to the web gallery with all of Ellie and Brian’s  wedding pictures.  These are my favorite pictures from the wedding and below them is a slideshow of a more complete set of  their wedding pictures.






Below is a mini-slide show with the complete set of wedding photography highlights from Ellie and Brian’s Fireseed Catering.  Click on toggle thumbnails to hide them; to start just click on the right arrow on the image.

Here is a link Fireseed Catering Wedding Photos   to the wedding pictures  previewed  on this blog right after the wedding in the end of September. Here is a link to the web gallery with all of Ellie and Brian’s  wedding pictures.

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