Immediately after Derrick Casey and Maria Holsman were married in an outdoor ceremony at the beautiful Kubota Garden last month, everyone assembled for a large group wedding panorama portrait. Using a larger format panorama camera I got everyone at the wedding in one moment on a black and white film negative. Then I scanned it and printed it as a 12″ x 36″ long print. Most of my wedding clients find the wedding panorama to be the one picture from their wedding that they want to hang on their wall. As far as I know I am the only Seattle wedding photographer offering this service and I include it in every wedding package if the circumstances of the wedding allow us to make one. Here is a link Kubota Garden Wedding to the rest of the photos that I highlighted on this blog from their wedding.

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The weather on June 19th was kind of overcast, which I like as it gives an even soft light which can be flattering for pictures of a couple on their wedding day. What concerned me was the high probability of rain in the forecast since Derrick Casey and Maria Holsman were getting married in an outdoor ceremony at Kubota Garden and I was not aware of a backup plan in case it turned out to be pouring rain at the anointed hour. Fortuitously it never did rain despite the forecast and the day turned out well. We had great light and made some beautiful pictures from the ceremony and afterwards when we walked around and shot some portraits around the garden before heading out for the reception at the Uptown Hideaway on lower Queen Anne. One of the interesting aspects of their wedding was Derrick and his groomsmen all carried swords. Not sure which legion of swordsmen they belonged to but it made for an interesting wedding party portrait with the swords all unsheathed on a red bridge in the garden.

Above, Maria and her dad just before they waled down the aisle. Here are  some of my favorite pictures  from the wedding along with a mini web gallery below, at the bottom after these highlights.

I really love this picture of Maria cracking up as we did some bridal portraits. I also really like the two just below of Maria and her bridesmaids outside the Uptown Hideaway. Because of the sloe of the hill it creates an illusion of Maria being much taller than all of the others in the first shot and the exactly the same height as the otheres in the next one.




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