Leigh Anne Freeman was in a bar one day with some friends and they discussing whether she should cut her Fauxhawk. They could not agree so she decided to ask a stranger and she went up to the bar. The stranger she picked out from among the people at the bar happened to be Lindsey McKeen. Leigh Anne & Lindsey have been in a conversation ever since. In the middle of September they got married at Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral on Capital Hill.  Both of their families and many of their friends were  in attendance on a wonderful clear September day as the summer continued to hold on. After the ceremony we made some pictures at the Cathedral and then headed downtown to the  Mayflower Park Hotel for the reception. What a wonderful celebration of their wedding. They had a room, actually a suite, upstairs that Leigh Anne negotiated with the hotel management when they booked the venue. Here a some of my favorite highlights from a wonderful wedding on a beautiful day.     

Here is a link to Leigh Anne & Lindsey’s previous post of theirSt. Mark’s Cathedral & Mayflower Park Hotel Wedding.


Below is a mini-slide show with a larger selection of wedding pictures from Leigh Anne & Lindsey’s wedding. Click on “toggle images” at top right to hide the thumbnails; to start just click on the right arrow on the image.

Leigh Anne & Lindsey were married yesterday at the beautiful St. Marks Cathedral on Capital Hill with their families and friends in attendance on a wonderful clear September day as summer continues to hold on in the region. After we made some family portraits at the Cathedral we all went off downtown to the fabulous Mayflower Park Hotel for their reception. It was a wonderful celebration of their marriage. Posted here now are a few preview shots since it will be a while before the rest of the wedding day images are finished. Here a some of my favorites from a wonderful wedding on a beautiful day.

Megan O’Malley and Brian Lau were married on May 22nd at the beautiful vintage Mayflower Park Hotel in downtown Seattle where it is has been located for the past 82 years.

We  started out doing some pictures at the Seattle Asian Art Museum and Volunteer Park on Capital Hill and the weather was fantastic.  Later on when after we got to the hotel, the rain moved in and the rest of the evening we were indoors. After some more pictures we headed over to the Mayflower Park Hotel to get ready for the ceremony. I will post a few of the highlights and add some more in a web gallery at the bottom of this post.

After the end of the reception, Megan and Brian came out to the street for some fresh air before heading back into the  walked back to the  Mayflower Park Hote. For a more complete set of the highlights click on the web gallery below.