Namita Singh and Gauhar Junnarkar were married in a traditional Indian Hindu wedding ceremony at  The Golf Club at Newcastle. The weather was splendid and the light was grand. The Golf Club has a great white tent where the wedding ceremony took place and it was amazingly decorated with numerous flowers. After the ceremony we went outside with all of the family members for a wedding panorama with the western sky in the background. The towers of the city of Seattle kind of look like a castle in the distance give it a certain look that makes it this is one of my favorite panoramas. Click here Wedding Photography at The Golf Club at Newcastle to see the rest of the pictures of their wedding from a previous post.

I have been photographing weddings professionally since 1997 and have seen hundreds of weddings in that time. Traditional American weddings are great to photograph and I have seen them evolve over the years as people see fit to define how they want to arrange their wedding. Some strictly follow tradition and many feel free to improvise. There is something very special about traditional Indian weddings.  No other culture has such elaborate rituals and ceremonies lasting days and such festive garments all of which make photographing them a radical departure from American weddings.   In October I had the pleasure along with Monica Frisell to photograph the wedding of  Namita Singh and Gauhar Junnarkar. Their wedding was a traditional Indian Hindu wedding with three days of festivities starting on Thursday with the Mehndi ceremony, one of the most important pre-wedding rituals especially for the bride. It was a fun and festive ritual, at Namita’s home with family and friends with the women wearing vivid colors. There was a a professional henna artist applying the mehndi to Namita and some of the other women as well. The designs are fascinating and the really good henna artists hide the name of the groom in the intricacies of the design.

Friday night the celebration of  Namita and Gauhar’s wedding continued at the Bainbridge Island Community Center with more dancing and feasting.

 The Golf Club at Newcastle.The weather was splendid and the light was grand. The Golf Club has a great white tent where the wedding ceremony took place and it was amazingly decorated with numerous flowers.

Before people began to arrive, Namita and Gauhar  and I went around the grounds and made some pictures with the beautiful scenery in the  background. The views from Newcastle are wonderful if the weather is clear and it was slightly hazy, but still very nice that day. In the traditional Indian manner, Gauhar mounted a horse ( if an elephant is not available) and with members of his family traveled around the grounds of Newcastle accompanied by music and drumming and dancing.  They finally arrived at the entrance of the Clubhouse and were formally greeted by Namita’s family. Then they all proceed to enter the tent for the ceremony.  Gauhar and the priests Mr Dilip Bhatt and Pandit Mahesh Shastriji entered along with almost everyone except the bride. The Hindu ceremony was performed according to Vedic traditions in the Sanskrit language. It was a relatively long ceremony made up of 16 different rituals. After the Hindu ceremony there was a cocktail hour on the terrace and then a formal dinner inside the main ballroom.

Here are some of the highlights of their wedding festivities beginning with the Mehndi and on through the end of the festivities on Saturday night.

Here is a link to Namita and Gauhar’s  previous post of their The Golf Club at Newcastle Wedding. I would like to give a shout out to videographer Aaron Horton of  Aaron Horton Productions who was a pleasure to work with. A real professional to work with. Would like to see his film with it is done. Finally hats offf to Erik Franklin and his staff at The Golf Club at Newcastle. They operate a really first class venue. One of the finest.

Below is a mini-slide show with a larger selection of wedding pictures from Namita and Gauhar’s wedding . Click on “toggle images” at top right to hide the thumbnails; to start just click on the right arrow on the image.

The Golf Club at Newcastle was beautiful setting for Namita and Gauhar’s hindu wedding ceremony last Saturday. We took time before the ceremony to make some pictures on the scenic grounds around the golf course. Here a few of the highlights of their wedding I selected as I was backing up all of the images to my hard drive. It will take some time to go through all the pictures from all of the ceremonies, including the days of festivities leading up to Saturday, and edit them down to a manageable number. Here’s hoping these will hold you all until then.

The Golf Club at Newcastle according to Seattle Bride Magazine, is the place that is the “Best Sunset Wedding Spot” in the Seattle area, and Tim and Michele Sheehan were married there. It was a perfect Seattle summer day in the first week in July and the sunset was indeed stunning. This panoramic large group wedding portrait, taken shortly after they made their vows in the wedding tent pavilion at Newcastle Golf Club, shows everyone in attendance at their ceremony,  and the hills in back going eastwards toward the Cascades. Here is a link The Golf Club at Newcastle Wedding to see the stunning sunset picture and the rest of the photos from their wedding that I have highlighted previously on this blog.

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Michele and Tim were married at the Golf Club at Newcastle the place that is the “Best Sunset Wedding Spot” in the Seattle area, according to Seattle Bride Magazine and it is hard to argue with them. Tim Sheehan, who has the same family name as I, but we are not related, married Michele on one of those perfect Seattle summer days in the first week in July and as promised the sunset was indeed stunning.  After the sun set into the Pacific Ocean behind the Olympic Mountains, there was still some twilight with which to see the sprinklers watering the greens catching highlights off the afterglow on the golf course.

I wanted to post some of the highlights from their wedding here. It was hard to choose so at the bottom if you want to see more I will add a web galley with some additional selects of my favorite pictures that tell the story of their wedding day.

The Golf Club at Newcastle has some fantastic panoramic views and a majestic English Manor-style clubhouse, and of course if you are into golf, a great and challenging course with views extending out over Lake Washington and the City of Seattle to the Olympic Mountains to the west.

As for weddings it was a great venue too  with the ceremony outside in a white tent that has perfect light to photograph a wedding in to the terrane as place for cocktails with a view to the dinning room with some of the best food in the region.

Did I mention that the cake was really yummy?