Right after Sarah and Mat’s beautiful wedding at Red Barn Studios everybody came down and we got this large group portrait on the back deck of the barn.  Here is a link to the earlier post Red Barn Studios Wedding with more of the pictures from the wedding day.

Wedding photography at Red Barn Studios

Just finished editing all of the images of Sarah and Mat’s beautiful wedding at Red Barn Studios.  It was indeed a beautiful day for photography with weather that was slightly overcast. It was hard going through all of the final images and selecting just a few to highlight on the blog.  I decided to go with some more in a slideshow at the bottom of the post.

Thanks again to Krista Herman of Wishes Wedding & Event Planning and her staff for putting it all together so smoothly.

In addition to shooting a couple of rolls of the new Kodak Porta with the Hassleblad 2000F and Planar F Carl Zeiss 110/2.0 110mm f/2 T*)  which I really like, I did some pictures with my Leica M 7 and 35mm Summicron using Tri-x which has such a classic look of real film. Above Sarah and Mat standing not in front of the Red Barn but the nearby pump house.  Congratulations Mat and Sarah.

Wedding Photos at the Red Barn Studios

wedding picture of Bride and groom in black and white

Seattle -Portland wedding photographer at barn wedding

Barrn wedding in black and white

Wedding ceremony exchanging wedding rings

Wedding ceremony wedding kiss

bride and groom after the wedding in black and white photography

wedding rings picture

wedding reception at a barn

cutting the wedding cake

First dance by wedding couple

Bride and groom dancing at wedding

wedding pictures at barn

tossing the garter at wedding

Bride and groom at wedding in a red barn
Here is a link to Sarah and Mat’s  preview post of their Red Barn Wedding pictures.
Below is a mini-slide show with a larger selection of wedding pictures from Sarah and Mat’s wedding. Click on “toggle images” at top right to hide the thumbnails; to start just click on the right arrow on the image.

Last Saturday I had the privilege of shooting Sarah and Mat’s beautiful wedding at Red Barn Studios along with Laurie Dix and Monica Frisell. It was such a beautiful day. The weather was fine, slightly overcast,  just great for pictures outdoors. The wedding celebration was filled with joy and lots of love and dancing. Krista Herman of Wishes Wedding & Event Planning and her staff was wonderful in putting it all together. Everything went smoothly.

We are just beginning to get through all of the images, but to tide you over, here are a few quick pics of what will be coming. Shot some of the new Kodak Porta and really like the look of this new film. Above Sarah and Mat. (Kodak Porta shot with my Hassleblad 2000F and Planar F Carl Zeiss 110/2.0 110mm f/2 T*)  Congratulations Mat and Sarah.







Katie and Craig and all their family and friends who attended their wedding

On a cold, snowy and rainy day in March, Katie and Craig were married at the Red Barn Studios near Chehalis Washington. While the weather outside was cold and wet, inside everyone was safe and warm in a gigantic old barn.  A couple of friends of mine, Jason and Laurie Dix  converted their 1937 gothic barn, a former dairy barn into a unique venue intended for weddings, retreats, and other social gatherings with the help and support of friends and family. It is a wonderful place for a wedding in all kinds of weather.
In more temperate weather the 25 acre property has wonderful places for outdoor ceremonies and receptions including a natural amphitheater not far from the Red Barn. But in every month of the year if you are planning a wedding it is always prudent to have a plan B and Red Barn Studios has a great one. For some people they are also  in a perfect location about halfway between Seattle and Portland, not far from I-5.

Here are some pictures from the indoor March wedding ceremony of Katie and Craig. I was assisting Laurie who was the main photographer at the the wedding. Because of the weather, we made 2 different panoramic large group wedding portraits. The first one, above was shot indoors right after the ceremony.  Later on during the reception, the weather cleared up and everyone went out and we made a second panorama on the deck of the barn, the last image at the bottom of this post. Below is a picture of Laurie at work making some formal portraits with her chickens and a turkey in the background.