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Alexis Martinez and AJ Sutera were married in a beautiful and intimate ceremony at the Seattle Asian Art Museum a few years ago, and have decided on the pictures they want to have in their Wedding Photography Album. I am now in the middle of making the prints for their book and thought I would share some of them here. I will highlight a few pictures and include some of them in a mini-slideshow below. Seattle Asian Art Museum is an elegant and sublime location for a wedding. Surrounded by the fantastic Asian Art it is classic, romantic and inspiring. Located in Olmstead-designed Volunteer Park overlooking the city and Elliot Bay, the Seattle Asian Art Museum features a nationally renowned collection of Asian art housed in a historic art deco building.

Below is a mini-slide show with these and some more highlights from Alex and AJ’s Wedding at Seattle Asian Art Museum, check it out. Click on “toggle images” at top right to hide the thumbnails; to start just click on the right arrow on the image.

Seattle photographers Daniel Sheehan, specializes in photojournalism and portrait photography for publications and corporations and Seattle wedding photographers who travel internationally to photograph weddings and other events.

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The PACCAR Pavilion and the Bill and Melinda Gates Amphitheatre of the Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park above, was the setting for Annie Livingston & David Bowermaster’s Wedding Celebration on April 24th. Although there were predictions of a rain storm for the day, it seems the heavy weather blew past north of Seattle and we had a beautiful sunny day with just some occasional gusts of wind.

David and Annie got ready at the Edgewater Hotel which is just down the hill from the Olympic Sculpture Park.

Annie’s Dress in hanging in the window of her room, The Beatles Suite at the Edgewater Hotel.

The First Look at the Edgewater Hotel.


Back at the Olympic Sculpture Park the tables were set and ready for the reception.


Annie and David go over the vows at the top of the Paccar Pavillion.


Heading for the start of the ceremony, David and his parents descend the steps into the Bill and Melinda Gates Amphitheatre. Richard Serras “WAKE” is in the background.


David watches as Annie descends the steps.


Annie and her parents come into view.


The ceremony



The light at sunset was beautiful and we took advantage to make some pictures with some sculptures, here the Alexander Calder



And here the Richard Serra

The toasts and the breaking of a glass.


After the end of the reception, Annie and David walked back to the Edgewater Hotel. For a more complet set of the highlights click on the web gallery below.


Jody and Mike at WAKE
I have been finishing up editing the wedding pictures of Jody and Mike and should be done by tomorrow, but I had to stop and post this one photo I made of them at the Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park. We went there to make some portraits of the wedding couple alone and with their wedding party. The light was very nice just before sunset. that day had been raining but we had the usual sun breaks at just the right time for pictures. I have always loved the sculptures of Richard Serra the piece of his they have there, WAKE is one of my favorites. Wake, 2004, consists of 10 plates, 5 sets of locked toroid forms made of weatherproof steel. Back in the days when I was on staff at New York Newsday in the 1990’s, I was assigned to photograph Richard at the Museum of Modern Art and found him to be a wonderful person as well as an artist. There was an installation there that was interesting but I think seeing WAKE out in the open,  under Seattle skies, it surpasses that presentation.
Anyway I made a number of portraits of Jody and Mike and the wedding party around WAKE and then we were breaking up and moving on to another location in the Garden when I noticed Jody and Mike stealing a kiss. Everyone one else appears in their own world by they are together in one of their own.
It was a great moment and seems like a good example of a wedding photograph that tells the story of their day in one moment. Come back soon and see the rest of the photos as I select the pictures to make up their wedding photo story.

“For Richard Serra, space is a substance as tangible as sculpture. He uses materials and scale to alter perception and to engage the body, encouraging consciousness of our relation to space. The towering, curved steel forms of Wake were achieved with computer imaging and machines that manufacture ship hulls, including a demilitarized machine that once made French nuclear submarines. It is composed of five identical modules, each with two S-shaped sections positioned in inverted relation to one another—gently curving serpentines of convex and concave parts that suggest tidal waves or profiles of battleships. The surface of acid-washed, weather-proof steel reinforces this industrial effect. Wake’s powerful silhouette belies a complex configuration of parts: the whole cannot be known at once, only experienced with physical movement and progressively over time.”
From Seattle Art Museum Website Description.


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Fred and Jenn got married with a 50’s Vintage theme at the Asian Art Museum on Saturday March 14th. I posted the panorama group portrait last week and here is a selection of some of the rest. As a Seattle photographer, I was happy to get this shot of the two of them after the ceremony. What a great couple they they are. What I did not know before I photographed their wedding is that vintage weddings are one of the 5 hottest wedding trends of the year.

I guess I should have had a clue before but I know it now. According to a post on the Five Hottest Wedding Trends of 2009 at Your Wedding Dollars website: “Vintage wedding wear! Vintage Style Weddings are hot — from birdcage veils and fascinators (a feathery head cap) to gowns cut on the bias and tea length dresses with huge slips, touches of bygone eras will be everywhere! The 20’s and 50’s will be the most popular decades copied for vintage style weddings. This may be the best way to economize on your wedding day! Why spend several thousand on a dress that screams 2009? Instead, head to your favorite vintage store, look on-line or pair up with a great seamstress and channel your inner diva with a vintage style wedding dress that echoes a golden-era screen siren. Remember, this is where eBay, craigslist and other online “flea markets” become your best friend!”

Anyway here are the photos from Fred and Jenn’s vintage wedding.


The cake ornament above.

Fred and Jenn were not your typical bride and groom and it was a really fun and different wedding. It is apparent that they are a couple very much in love. Jenn’s children were in attendance and they looked great. Jenn spent quite a long while doing their hair and makeup. Most of the guest got into the spirit and dressed for the occasion.



























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Fred and Jenn and their entire wedding party outside on the steps of the Asian Art Museum.

Fred and Jenn had a big to do last month at the Asian Art Museum. What a great place for a wedding. Shooting as a local Seattle photographer, I was happy to get this shot of the two camels on either side of the entrance in the background.

More pictures to be posted here soon. They are now all done.

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